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What is Aeon?

Aeon is the electronic system that enables researchers to request items directly from the Hoover Library & Archives online catalog SearchWorks and the Online Archives of California collection guides . Through a personalized Aeon web account, researchers can request material for use in the Reading Room and submit duplication orders.

Why do I need a username and password to use Aeon?

By setting up a personalized account with an email address and password, the Hoover Institution L&A Aeon system allows researchers to request materials, order duplications, and track the history of requests and orders. Your email address and password give you secure access to information about your requests. You can also edit your personal information such as your address or phone number.

Your username (email address) and password are unique to you. Passwords must be at least eight characters long and contain a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, and a number. We recommend that you follow good security practice and choose a password that is different from those you use to access other systems. However, no one but you will know your password, not even staff. The password you set is stored encrypted.

What do I do if my email address changes?

Since your email address is your user name, if it changes, please contact staff to update your account at hoover-library-archives@stanford.edu.

How do I create a Hoover Institution Aeon account?

To create a Hoover Institution L&A Aeon account, visit https://hoover.aeon.atlas-sys.com and click the "Create an Account" link under the Aeon Login heading. Read the User Registration & Conditions of Use text, check the boxes to indicate your agreement to the terms, and click the "I Agree" button to continue to the registration form. Fill out your information in the New User Registration form. When you visit the Reading Room, you will be asked to provide a valid, government-issued photo ID and have your photo taken for a Hoover L&A reader card in order to complete your registration.

How long will my account be active?

Your account is active for one year. If you have not updated your account in the past 365 days, you will be asked to update your information the next time you log in to your account. You may change or update your account information at any time by clicking on "Preferences" and then clicking either "Change User Information" or "Change Password." Your ID will be verified the next time you visit the Reading Room.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, click on the "Forgot Password?" link on the login page, enter your username (email address) on the following page, and click the "Reset Password" button. An email will be sent to the address you registered when creating your account. Please allow up to 10 minutes for the email to arrive. Follow the link in that email to reset your password.

What web browser should I use?

You need a web browser that can handle forms, tables, Javascript, and preferably cascading style sheets (CSS). We recommend the current versions of either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Is security a problem if I use a public workstation?

Yes. Web browsers cache information and create a history file on the local workstation. This allows a subsequent user of the workstation to access the system under your name using the browser's back button to recall a page from the cache, or by finding a page with your personal information in the browser's history file.

If you use a public workstation, please remember to sign out when you are finished by clicking "Logout" in the top left-hand corner of the menu. Delete from the file history those pages that contain your personal information. Then exit from the web browser to prevent the back button from accessing the pages you were using.

Why does Aeon time out?

Aeon is set to timeout after 10 minutes of inactivity. Timeouts are necessary due to simultaneous user limits that must be in place in order to assure an acceptable level of system performance.

Who do I contact if I have problems with or questions about Aeon?

Contact Hoover Institution Library & Archives staff at 650-723-3563 or hoover-library-archives@stanford.edu.

Search Tools

What is SearchWorks?

SearchWorks Stanford University Libraries' online library catalog. SearchWorks provides the best access to the Hoover Library materials.

How do I use SearchWorks to request materials?

To request materials from SearchWorks, use the catalog to search for materials you would like to view. When you select a particular catalog record, click the "Request on-site access" button. This action will prompt you to log in to your Aeon account. If you need to add additional information to your request, do so before you schedule your retrieval or keep the item in your Save for Later list.

Archival material should be requested through the Online Archives of California collection guides, which provide more detailed information on the contents of collections.

What are collection guides?

Online Archives of California collection guides are narrative descriptions of the context, arrangement, and contents of archival collections, which may include all types of formats. Guides named "Register" have the most information about a collection's content and a detailed container list; "Inventory" is less detailed, but includes a container list; and "Overview" will only be a brief summary of the collection.

How do I use the collection guides to request materials?

To place requests from the Online Archives of California collection guides, use the search tool to find the collection you want to view. Then click on the "Request items" button at the top of the collection guide. This action will prompt you to log in to your Aeon account. Select checkboxes (up to 20 boxes) you would like to view, select your first date of use, and submit for retrieval at the bottom the page. If you need to add additional information to your request, do so before you schedule your retrieval or keep the item in your Save for Later list.

Can I request multiple items per collection guide?

Yes. Each box/volume/envelope is a separate item and counts against your hold limit of 20 items. We page whole boxes, so if you are interested in multiple folders within a box, you do not need to check every single folder off on the request form.

Item Requests

Is there a limit to how many requests I can make?

You may have 20 requests on hold at one time. Saved requests and duplication orders do not count towards your limit.

How do I schedule retrievals?

Retrievals should be scheduled in advance in your Aeon account by selecting the date of your visit. You must submit requests at least two full business days in advance, as not all material is immediately available. You may have 20 active requests at one time and save an unlimited number of requests for later. Once retrieved, materials will be held for 48 hours.

You may check your Aeon account to find out when material is available (status will display as "Item Ready for Use").

How do I request the Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo diaries?

Information on how to request the Chaing-Kai Shek diaries may be found here.

I want to view a request I already completed on a prior visit. How do I resubmit an old request?

If you would like to resubmit a request, simply click on "Completed Requests" under "Requests" in the Aeon account menu. Click on the request number for the item you want to see again and click "Clone Request." You may alter information in the form, then click "Submit Request."

How long are my requests saved in Aeon?

All your requests in Aeon are saved in perpetuity regardless of the status of the request.

What is the Save for Later option in Aeon?

When you submit items by selecting "Save for Later" you are saving these items to the Saved Requests queue. This queue in Aeon saves items that you will review later before submitting for retrieval. There are no limits on how many items you may save to the Saved Requests queue. Note that you must manually submit saved requests for retrieval by selecting a date of use.

Duplication Orders

Does the Hoover Institution Library & Archives offer duplication of materials?

Hoover L&A offers several options for duplications. Details can be found on our Reading Room Services page.

How do I order duplications?

All duplication requests should be made through Aeon. Use SearchWorks, the Online Archives of California collection guides or the digital collections site to locate the item and collection from which you wish to purchase duplications, and follow the system prompts to submit a Duplication Order. You must submit a separate Duplication Order for each item or collection record.

How much do duplications cost?

Prices vary depending on the type of duplication requested, type of materials being reformatted, and the method of duplication. Details on pricing can be found at our Reading Room Services page.

I looked at an item in the reading room and now want duplications. What next?

If you are working in the reading room and know you will be requesting duplications from the collection you are working with, please ask staff for paper slips to flag the relevant items within the collection.

All requests for duplications must be made through Aeon. Within Aeon open your original request for the item or collection and choose the "Clone to Copy" option. The Duplication Order form will automatically populate with the collection information and you will be prompted to add additional information regarding the duplication request. Please be as specific as possible.

Do I have to pay up front?

Yes. The Hoover Institution L&A requires payment in advance for duplication orders. Payment by credit card (VISA and MasterCard only) may be made through Aeon via Authorize.Net. Further information about payment will be sent after the order has been invoiced.

How long do duplications take to receive?

All requests are filled in the order in which they are received. Please allow two to eight weeks for processing.

Do I need permission to quote/cite material or use images?

Yes. The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction (including handwritten copies) for purposes in excess of fair use, that user may be liable for copyright infringement. Users are advised to obtain permission from owners of copyright before publishing any materials examined in the Hoover Institution L&A.

Copies are for private research use only. No publication, further reproduction, or reuse of copies, beyond fair use, may be made without the express written permission of the copyright owner, if any, or, in the cases copyright is held by Stanford University, by the Hoover Institution L&A on behalf of Stanford University.

Further Questions?

Still have question?

If you still have questions about Aeon at the Hoover Institution Library & Archives or about identifying materials in our holdings, contact us at 650-723-3563 or hoover-library-archives@stanford.edu.

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